ELSA ASCENCIO SOlves complex problems for communities.

Elsa is an advocate for human rights & racialized workers.

Born to Salvadoran refugees, Elsa has always lived in Downsview, near the Jane and Finch community of Toronto. She went to law school with a main purpose: to solve complex problems and to be the best advocate for her diverse and underserved community.

Elsa attended York University, Glendon College, for her undergraduate degree. She graduated in Hispanic Studies (Literature) & Economics (focus on math). She then went to the University of Ottawa for her Juris Doctor degree. She articled at a top union-side firm in Ottawa. As a lawyer, she worked on appeals, human rights claims, and employment/labour litigation. She was called to the Ontario bar in June 2019.

In addition, Elsa is currently enrolled to complete the Certificate in Pension Law at Osgoode Hall Law School – Professional Development Program. She aims to better serve her clients and help them solve workplace problems.

Elsa’s passion for social justice has been profiled by Toronto Star, New York Magazine, Precedent Magazine, and CBC. Her mentors are top employment lawyers in the field. She is grateful for their mentorship and their support for The Access to Justice Project.

The Project: Back to Basics

Here’s the low-down:

This is a temporary project: As a new lawyer, Elsa is still transitioning her career and exposing herself to various litigation projects. But she’s passionate about access to justice and she wants to help as many vulnerable communities while she can during this transition stage.

Legal Advice v Legal Guidance: Elsa is happy to provide legal guidance and legal advice, depending on your needs. Legal guidance tends to be free, however Elsa will just redirect you to the general resources without getting into the specifics of your case. Legal advice is when you retain Elsa in any capacity and she provides advice for your specific case.

Fee Structure for Legal Advice: If retained in any capacity, Elsa tries to offers fees to accommodate your budget. The market price is around ~$250 per hour. Elsa is willing to work around that range and either offer a flat fee or a reduced hourly wage. She will consider your socio-economics factors when reaching an appropriate rate. Let’s talk your budget.

Areas of law: Employment Law and Human Rights, with a research focus on anti-black racism in the workplace. Recently, Elsa was asked to present her research, “DEFINING ANTI-BLACK RACISM” – studying how judges interpret anti-black racism, at the Canadian Law and Society Association Conference at Western University in June 2020.

If Elsa is unable to assist, Elsa will try her best to refer you to another lawyer or paralegal for your matter.

Elsa speaks English and Spanish; and she has a strong understanding of French.

Do you have an employment or human rights matter? Send me a message below!

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Email me at elsa@elsaascencio.com


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Are you interested in law school? I’m happy to mentor Black, Indigenous, racialized students in Toronto and Canada to help them achieve their law dreams.

Send me an email at elsa@elsaascencio.com

Disclaimer: This website is not intended to serve as legal advice. If you have a legal matter, please consult a lawyer or paralegal regarding your matter.